Prayer, the name of God, anything pertaining to religion was removed from any form of outside activity for Santa Rosa County Schools. Two “students” filed a law suit and won. “They have rights…” the ACLU says. I just want to know where the rights of Christians are? How is it we are a people that is supposed to be equal and just, but just because we claim “Jesus as Lord” we lose our rights?! What is happening to America?! The gays are angry that Rick Warren is opening the inauguration in prayer. Citizens are saying they are going to turn their backs. What?! What happened to the Freedom of Speech that has given the ACLU their rights? Do people not know the purpose of the “Separation from Church and State” was to prevent the state what ordering and controlling the churches?! I’m glad Jesus didn’t turn his back on me. I just don’t understand.

Today is Kayla’s surgery. Her surgery is at 3:00. She hasn’t been able to eat since midnight. We let her and a girlfriend go see a movie and pig out so she could eat until midnight. She comes home, nausea and scared; 45 minutes later she is vomiting. She’s so nervous she has made herself sick. I’ve encouraged Joshua 1:9 to her all week, “Have I not commanded you, be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” It doesn’t seem to be working for her….. Kayla never wakes up hungry, she woke up starving this morning. Please pray for her. Pray for Dr. Roth, the surgeon, and the team of nurses and the Anesthesiologist.

While you’re praying, pray for America. Pray for President-elect Obama, for his wife and children. Our country is indeed at war….one that is not seen in the flesh….BUT, I know who wins!

I serve a God of miracles.