OK. Out of 400 people that showed up Saturday for the National Discovery Network, only 50 got asked to come back. Kayla was one of those 50. I left work early last night to go to the meeting. About 30 of those parents showed up. There are 32 cities involved in this current “search.” All the individuals interested are invited to attend a four day, three night convention in Panama City, FL in April. Yes, there is a cost. Surprisingly, I believe we are supposed to walk through this venue for her. I’m so much at peace, I haven’t even worried about the costs…. hello… now that’s crazy!

This is a picture of Kayla with her younger brother taken over the summer….with her blond hair and tan. I’ll find another more recent one later and post. This is one of her favorite pics with her and her brother.

I am meeting tonight to pay the $300 deposit (that is due by today) of the $495. We will have to pay the balance in 30 days plus $20 interest. We will also have to pay for lodging, food, and travel expenses. I’m wondering if we will actually drive back and forth since it’s only an hour and a half drive… will have to look at cost for gas verses hotel lodging. She has to be there Thursday night for final registration, Friday for training, Saturday for the show, and Sunday to find out if she makes the final call back. If she makes the final call back, she could be signing on with marketers before we leave!

I am really excited for her. I would appreciate your prayers regarding this. When I meet with them tonight, I will be given information on how to get sponsors. There are three benefits of sponsors…one is that donations are tax deductible, two is your name will be mentioned as a sponsor while she is walking down the runway and three… something you will never gain from personally, is to know that you contributed to a young girls dream. I’ll put out more information about that after the meeting tonight.

Will keep you posted…thanks for praying for Kayla…for all of us as we walk through these doors.