I don’t know where traditions get started, nor why sometimes. I know some people have year verses and some have neat sayings…oh I wish I could come up with stuff like that; but that’s just not my forte’ I guess. For me, music speaks wonders to my heart, and when it seems I can’t understand a word I am reading from scripture, the Lord always gives me a song to sing. Now, I did say sing, I did not say carry a tune. I love to sing, but frankly, I sound like a dead cow mooing…. never heard a dead cow mooing? You don’t want to. Seriously, oh it is really bad. There was a time when I let it bother me of how horrible I sing, but not any more! I love my praise and worship time, just love it.

Several, several years ago, I found it necessary to go to counseling to help me deal with some issues of guilt and worthlessness….. I was blessed with a Godly(female) Christian Counselor (I say that because not all “Christian” counselors are Godly). One day, before the session ended, she told me the Lord had put it on her heart to play a song for me that particular day, and that I needed to get on my knees. I really wasn’t up to surrendering certain parts of my past, and I guess this is what the Lord used to begin the surrendering process…if that makes since. Anyway…the song was “Breathe” by some artist, couldn’t tell you who….. After that session, I really honestly never heard that song again, until recently. The Lord has been telling me for several weeks to be desperate for Him. I thought I was losing my mind, really, I thought with my medications being changed, and pain medications for my head injury and breaking my tooth and my thyroid being so out of wack…that my next stop was going to be the looney bin! But, through it all, over and over those words, “I’m desperate for you….” kept coming to my mind. Now, I haven’t been in church in weeks and weeks due to our “mold” experience and camping out, sick kids and me not well…. but for some reason, Sunday night I had an overwhelming since I needed to be in church. Got the kids ready and went. I couldn’t figure it out….it was the yearly thing on Deacon’s/Servants…. so why did I need to be there. Then it hit me…. while the pianist was playing while the Deacon’s were praying over the new ones coming in… the pianist was playing…. “I’m desperate for you….” This morning, I get in the van to go to work, the song is playing on the radio. I get in the car, the next song to come on the radio after the one that was playing when we got in, “I’m desperate for you….”

I think He’s trying to tell me something! You think?!

A few days ago I wrote something to the fact about not wanting my first thoughts of escape to be for me to get a drink when I am overwhelmed…. today the Lord reminded me to be desperate for Him and He will be my escape…. something I’ve known for over ten years… but I’ve seemed to forgetten along the way.

Sooooo…… My “song of the year” is “Breathe.” I know there is a way for me to have a song playing while my blog is open, and my husband is looking into it, so until then….enjoy the song from youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oad8ov10AjY.

This is my prayer…my daily prayer…my moment by moment prayer.