Today, in Pensacola, at the Pensacola Civic Center, people of all ages are being screened (from 6 months to 17) for modeling and acting through two very well know organizations. Kayla, my oldest, heard about these auditions (if that’s what they are called) from listening to WABB 97.5. Now, I must say, I do not like this station and I do not like the songs or the way they talk on this station. I pray her ears will not be tarnished and that she will always be sensitive in what she takes in. Nonetheless, Kayla and her friend Deserae went down for these auditions. They were numbers 51 and 52. They made the first cut! There is a parents meeting next week. Gee…I hope it’s not the same day as her surgery for her knee! Ha-ha! Will keep you posted. Kayla has always wanted to model. In my younger, more flattering years, that was my desire as well. In fact, when Dillard’s was Dillard’s, before buying out Gayfer’s, I too, believe it or not, modeled for them as a full figured, plus size model. If I’m not mistaken, my Granny or Aunt Char used to do that as well. As much as Kayla loves fashion and design, hair and make-up, I know she would do great at it. She is indeed a beautiful young lady, on the inside, and the out!

Chris and I are going on a date today. I need it, he needs it, and we are going. I want to see that new Clint Eastwood movie that is coming out today…. Gran Torino. We will then grab dinner.

More another time and another day.