Root Canal’s and Orthopedic Knee Surgery

I am finally starting to feel much better. I am still getting some headaches and blurred vision on occasion, but doing well. I am also adjusting to my med changes….being on two different antidepressants at one time will knock you for a loo-loo! Man. I’m waiting on a few things to fall in place before getting my root canal and crown done. I can’t put the root canal on that molar off too long because the tooth is capable of splitting…that would not be a good thing.

Kayla had her orthopedic appointment this morning. They are going to have to do a “scope” procedure. They’ve given us a few things they are looking for…a torn meniscus, or a fatty deposit that is getting pinched between the joints, or a couple of other things. The thoughts are it will be able to get fixed through the scope. If it requires a more invasive (I think that’s the right word….) procedure, then that will be rescheduled later and not repaired then.

Well, we’ve started the year off with a bang! We will continue to take one step at a time, one moment at a time.

Continuing to trust Him.

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