A Time For Everything….

I mentioned a few posts ago that I hit my noggin’ pretty hard; found out it resulted in another fractured tooth. What a way to start 2009:)

Chris and I, and Kayla, have started having a nightly “share” time about what we are reading in the Bible each day. This is a first for us. There are some nightly exceptions for our meeting time, but it has helped hold me more accountable to my reading. Last year I sensed the Lord prodding me to understand and learn the Old Testament. Each time I tried, my pea brain of a brain was boggled with confusion of dates and time lines and who married who, so I asked for a Chronological Study Bible for Christmas; and I got it! There is so much to learn, that I am only on Chapter 2 of Genesis; however, learning the history alone is overwhelming. I’m sure I won’t get it on the first go around, and while I would love to say, “This year I’m going to read the Bible through…” I am saying I am going to read the Bible through, and let it take as long as it takes in order for me to understand as much as I can understand. Some things just aren’t meant to be understood; for example, why one (God) would send His son (Jesus) to be born, in order to die and be raised again just for me…? Wow. Who can comprehend that one?!

Kayla sees the orthopedic surgeon on Thursday about her knee. While it is better, she is still in a lot of pain. We’ll see what Thursday holds.

I am feeling better today. I have probably slept 18 – 20 hours every day since Christmas Eve. I’m not sure if that’s because of the bump on my noggin or because of the changes in my medications, all I know is that I want to feel better and am ready to get out of this slump…while my mind believes it, making my body follow suite is another thing. This too shall pass though.

We still have a ton of pictures to post and I will get to them in the days to come. My arms are already aching over just typing these few words.

Until next time…

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