I’m Back…..

For those of you who know me, you know I normally post every day, sometimes more than that; but I haven’t been feeling up to par lately. Christmas Eve I knocked myself so hard in the head getting stuff out of my van that I hit the ground! I was dizzy and nausea for days and finally ended up in the ER Friday (not very good since all the doctor’s in Pensacola had been closed for three days!). Baptist Hospital and Sacred Heart both had 12 hours waits (in the waiting room alone) and West Florida had a five hour wait. I started out at Sacred, after heading home, decided to go to West Florida at my mom’s coercing. I don’t have a concussion, just bruised the noggin and gave myself a good jolt. I hit so hard my jaws clinched down and they’ve been hurting ever since. I called the dentist, she saw me this morning. I’ve fractured a tooth; the big molar in the back. Yeap. I have to have a root canal and crown done. I’d be OK with that, but the tooth next to it has five fractures in it! I’ve been babying that one to get it done later instead of sooner. Oh well, looks like it’s gonna be sooner.

I’ve also been dealing with other issues….about six months ago I was diagnosed with depression. I guess with all that has been going on and me missing some of my thyroid medication doses (more than some…) that I’ve thrown my system into wack. My thyroid levels are now low, causing exhaustion and confusion which plays on the chemicals that cause one to be labeled “depressed.” It’s a vicious cycle.

With all that in mind…haven’t felt like posting. We did have a wonderful Christmas though. We had my mom, Chris’ mom and brother, Kayla’s boyfriend and his grandparents over for our first Christmas Breakfast (which we will do again). It was nice. We also made a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve which we (me and the kids) decorated on Christmas Day. It was nice. We were completely blessed with an overflow of gifts for the kids replacing so much of what they have lost. They also all got bikes….real bikes….no more trikes! Christopher informed me yesterday that since he has a real bike now we have to find a boy who needs a tricycle. Made me smile. Maybe I am doing something right in this parenting thing after all.

I am really tired. We have lots and lots of pictures to put up from Christmas.

Be blessed and if I don’t post again before the 1st….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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