It Was Me.

Well, I sit here today; ashamed. I posted a few days ago that I was dealing with some hurt feelings and anger. Today, I am ashamed I couldn’t get past the point to see it clearly. I see it now. I honestly didn’t think it was me, but it was. No ifs, ands or buts. Isn’t that normally how it is though?! A few days ago, I was bound and determined to be heard and voice my anger, and thankfully I didn’t get that opportunity or I’d be eating crow right about now. Today, I’m just overwhelmed and thankful. Enough said.

I have worked more this past week than I normally do, and boy am I exhausted. Last week I worked Wednesday with shopping and making diabetic cheese cakes for Pine Summit’s Dessert Theater. Friday I finished baking those cheesecakes, baked cookies, made the tea, coffee…anyway, turned into a 12 hour day, Saturday and Sunday were much shorter with the cheesecakes being done, but nonetheless, I am not used to working a four day work week… then had to pull myself out of the bed yesterday to go cook for Wednesday dinner and tonight is The Most Excellent Way’s Christmas Party! I love to cook and feed people, but man… am I ever tired! My house is a mess, dishes piled high, boxes of stuff still to be washed from the sawdust and sheet rock and still have boxes on my front porch of decoration and there is a huge pile of stuff still in my yard to be hauled off! I guess getting it all done by Christmas just isn’t going to happen. The sooner I get that through my thick head the better off I, and my family will be! While I am tired, I am not complaining. The Lord is meeting our needs above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. Gleaning just came to my mind…inthe book of Ruth, I think it is called “gleaning” (is that the right spelling/word?) Ruth had to work for her provisions… the Lord just made it a little easier for her. The Lord’s made it easier for us by using caring people to help us this year, and by giving me extra hours of work…to feed the hungry…every day folks like you and me… the hungry. I’m getting paid for what I love to do… how cool is that?! Pretty amazing to me.

Enough typing, time to wash:)

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