Orthopedic Doctor

Kayla and I just got in from her appointment with the Orthopedic Doctor. She has been taken off the splint and told to try using her leg as much as possible. She was given a steroid shot…yes, it was very, very painful. She goes back in three weeks. At that time, if it’s not better, she will have to have a minor surgery for them to scope her knee. The doctor impressed me because when I told him she had been taken Loratab, he said, “She’s coming off a narcotic, she’s only 16!” I couldn’t believe my ears. Usually, most doctor’s want to cover up the pain and not address the issues at hand. I was impressed.

Also…we got a refrigerator today! It was being delivered as we were leaving and is set up and nice and cold! What a relief, I can cook for my family! We are having Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Veggies tonight…I am so excited! I haven’t cooked a real meal in weeks.

I read a cool devotional this morning. I mentioned a few days ago how I tend to pull away from the Lord when trials occur because I don’t like going to Him and complain and wine… my devotional wasn’t a “real” devotional, but something out a book I picked up to read this morning. I love lighthouses. It was my first visual the Lord gave me, that He is our light, our Beacon of Hope, and just like He is that light, I too, am to be that light in a dark world. Anyway, it was a simple reading from “Lighthouse Psalms, God’s Gift of Direction and Hope.” I’d like to share it with you.


Search for the Lord and for his strength, and keep on searching. Psalm 105:4.

Each night without fail, the faithful beam from the lighthouse searches the waters below. It stands as a guide for passing ships, a searchlight for ships in peril, and a warning of dangerous rocks and sandbars to vessels approaching the harbor. It is a tower of strength for those who depend upon its beam to light their way.

If you are searching for a tower of strength in your life – someone who will guide you safely through the troubled waters of life, someone who will rescue you in your time of distress, someone who will warn you away from the obstacles that lay hidden in your path – open your heart to God. He will be there when you need Him most.

Something I noticed, that reading does not say He will be there for you only in good times. Does not say that in all, but in contrary. But, what’s cool too, is that even in the calm, the lighthouse remains. It’s not just there for the storms, it’s not just there for the calm seas, it’s always there. “Instead of pulling away next time Lord, help me to run to you as fast as I can.”

You know, another thing, since I am being so real today. I have allowed a person, a group of person’s break my heart. I am hurting very badly and I am angry. I have attempted to make an appointment to speak to one of these people, but was told I could not. I am praying, and honestly, I don’t mean it when I pray it, but I am praying it anyway, that MY PART OF THIS, if it’s petty and silly, would go away. I know what the Bible says that man will disappoint and that is why we are to put our trust in the Lord. All I know is my heart is hurting right now. I would appreciate your prayers in this kind of unspoken area.

I’m running to you Lord….wow…His arms are wide open and waiting on me!

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