More Doctor Appointments and USAA

The Dessert Theater is over; I’m pooped and know all the others involved are too. Sunday night was by far the biggest in number…which I haven’t gotten yet. I had planned on spending the day in my P.J.’s, but all that changed when Kayla’s knee turned blood red and mooshy. She was in so much pain she was sick. Her pediatrician saw her, prescribed pain meds and nausea meds and ordered some blood work to be done. We also picked up the x-rays that were taken last week in order to take to the Orthopedic Doctor tomorrow morning.

I got some wonderful news this morning from USAA. They are going to pay us on the high end of our claim for the loss of our food in the refrigerator and freezer!! This is a very good thing. Also, Lucie is having a new refrigerator delivered tomorrow from Lowe’s. Oh, and another cool thing, USAA can do a direct deposit thing… no waiting for the mail… so I get to go grocery shopping! There’s nothing worse than wondering what I am going to feed my family…. it’s been stressful and I am so sick of fast food I think I could gag. It’s killing my “girlish figure” (yeah right) and is deeply killing our pocket book!

I’m sure I’ll post after the Orthopedic appointment in the morning. Until then, rest well.

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