Pray for An Unborn Child

I had asked the person who asked me to be in prayer for a special unborn child if I could mention names and be specific, and while he said yes, I sense the Holy Spirit leading me to not be specific. So right now, as each person reads this, I am asking you to pray for an unborn child. My Jesus knows which one, my Jesus knows the mother, the physicians and the ailments. We are praying for a miracle healing of an unborn child and salvation to it’s mother.

When my precious friend Eddie was passing away, a sweet lady from Olive told me, “Stacey, People can try second guessing how soon, how long, but what they are forgetting is that Eddie will not die until he has touched the very last life that he was meant to touch for Jesus.” I believe that to be so with every life. I believe no life is an accident and that regardless of the outcome, can be used for Jesus.

Stop now and pray please.

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