Over the last seven weeks or so, we have had many ups and many downs. Through loss, there has been gain though. Life did go on, and progress is being made. We took pictures throughout our ordeal. Here are just a few…..these go from the beginning when we found out we had to leave, until recently when the camper was pulled out of our driveway:)

That’s a dress? Where’s the rest of it?!

Kayla’s homecoming with Justin. We were staying at my mom’s for her to get ready.

The kids did get baths…it wasn’t like living in the woods! This is Duke, my mom’s dog. He started off doing great with the kids, but as stress levels grew, his anxiety grew and he began snapping and biting the kids. This particular night though, Duke sat by Christopher the entire time in the tub. Once the kids got out, Duke jumped in!

Kaitlyn and Christopher playing at Grammy’s.

Christopher with Duke and Kaitlyn with Cheyanne (mom’s other dog.)

Kaitlyn turned three during all this. We decorated at Grammy’s (my mom’s) for the morning of her birthday.
This picture was taken at Memaw’s where we had her actual birthday party!

During all the chaos, we took advantage of our zoo passes and took the kids to the zoo. Chris has most of the pictures on his camera, but here are just a few. This was a fun day, and much needed break from reality.

I have developed a huge fascination with Peacocks. Don’t know why, but they intrigue me.

This is a picture of the camper being set up in our yard. Many, many thanks to Eddie and Lynette for letting us make their camper our home for two plus weeks. We were blessed.

The inside…the table made a bed, which became Christopher’s bed. Behind him is where Chris and I slept. On the other end, was a bed also, which is where Kaitlyn and Kayla slept.

Yes, this is me, grateful, but with attitude…is it possible to have both?!

My little man…

On of many camp fires! It was rather cold our first night out, so we made hot chocolate and S’mores over the campfire! That was a fun night. The tent that is set up behind them is where we stored all our clothes, extra blankets, books for Kayla’s schooling and dry food products.

Christopher had a blast!

Now, this is my Granny’s roaster pan. It sustained high heat and roasted my first whole chicken over a campfire!

Isn’t it beautiful! Martha Stewart has nothing on Stacey Paden!
These are the mold guys ripping out the walls and floors….

more ripping out….


Once the mold people got everything treated and the A/C people treated and cleaned the unit and vents, I was able to clean the living room and bathroom so we could get out of the camper!! We had four blow up mattresses placed side by side, and it was crowded, but it was in the house and we got to take a shower in our own house! Christopher and Kaitlyn got to decorate their “Charlie Brown Tree” also.

We had donuts the next morning….can you tell they were chocolate?!

1,800 pounds of wet, rotten, stinky smelling particle board and vinyl was hauled to the dump over a two day period. In this picture, you can see where the water line ended…

The insurance company is not paying for us to get cabinets. If not for the generosity and kindness of Dewayne (our contractor), we would not even have a partial counter or sink. Dewayne built this to “make do.”

This is “Uncle Ronnie.” DeWayne is under the sink:)

DeWayne and Uncle Ronnie went above and beyond to take care of us. DeWayne shoots it straight, gives a best case and worse case scenario so we always knew the top and bottom of the line for cost. My life and my kids life has been blessed to meet DeWayne and Uncle Ronnie. If you every need any work done around your home, you contact me and I’ll give you their number. You too, will be blessed.

Now, let me tell you about these guys! THEY DID A FANTASTIC JOB LAYING OUR NEW VINYL! The company is J.C. Crenshaw. There number is 850-291-7944. I asked them if I could put their picture on my blog and they said only if you advertise for us! Ha-ha! Seriously though, they really did a great job. Lowe’s had come in about a year ago and laid vinyl for Lucie, they did a horrible job. These guys really do good work and I highly recommend them.

This is Eddie….gee, is the camper being taken down? Yeah! This means we are completely in the house!! We actually got to get in the house on Thanksgiving night….we have much to be grateful for. It took about a week to get stuff cleaned in the house and move all the stuff from the camper and tent and our outside kitchen back in the house. We are so thankful for the generosity of Eddie and Lynette for letting us use their camper. We truly are blessed. Please pray an abundance of blessings over this family for their generosity!

Going, going, gone….:)
My little man is really sick. He has been nearly a week of school…running fever, crouping, sinus yuckiness…took him to the doctor on Tuesday. He is wheezing…so they started him on breathing treatments every four hours. He is also being treated for a sinus infection. For some reason his skin coloring is changing…he’s almost yellowish and very pale. He wakes up going strong, but within a few hours, he is curled up in the recliner (which was donated for us!) and stays there until bed time. His appetite is next to nothing and he sure is getting skinny. Please be praying for my little man.

Kaitlyn seems to be getting over the worse of her sinus infection. Kayla, in case you haven’t heard, is on crutches. She fell again this past weekend and I had to take her to the Emergency Room. She’s been giving a leg sprint, pain medications and we are still waiting to hear from the Orthopedic Dr. I am so glad all this is happening in the house though and not in the camper! Can you imagine?!
So, these are our pictures. I have lots more, but I know I have already added too many.
Have a wonderful Thursday!