Real Quick

Home with not only two kids, but all three. Kaitlyn woke up crouping like Christopher. Kayla’s knee is swollen and has fever in it. She was moaning and whimpering in her sleep all night. Satan sure hasn’t given me much of a break between jumpin’ back on my back…all I can say is, “Get behind me satan and no weapon formed against me will prosper!” I sure am glad all three of my kids aren’t sick and we are still in that camper (which is being taken home today)!!!!

Chris and I got to sleep in a REAL bed last night for the first time in five weeks! It was wonderful!! We are getting ready to eat breakfast at our kitchen table…first time in five weeks. (Sigh..) even with everything in boxes and clothes baskets and the house a mess, and the dust of sanded sheetrock everywhere, it’s so good to be home…it’s good to be home.

Have a blessed Sunday…

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