We Are Getting There!

I got the tent emptied today from clothes, books, toys and four weeks of mail. I also got the tent down today. WHEW! I feel much better. Progress is being made on the clean up. The contractor is hauling off all the debris and then some tomorrow. The vinyl is being laid tomorrow also. Friday ECUA is picking up all the mattresses and as much debris that we can fit in a 6 foot by 6 foot section. Chris picked up a washer and drier from a friend in our Sunday School Class. Our washer broke. She wanted a new one, so we were blessed with not having to purchase a new washer right now. I got a phone call today from another friend in S/S Class. She was at the Waterfront Mission in Milton. A worker there has a couch and love seat for us! Chris is picking that up tomorrow and a co-worker from Olive is giving us one of her Queen size beds. We’ll need to get a frame, but Waterfront sales them for like $15 (so I’ve been told). Seems like things are coming together. OH, and Chris is meeting with a guy at West Florida Hospital tomorrow morning to look at the cabinets they have that are being taken out for a renovation because of the Baptist Hospital buy out. We will probably have to purchase new counter tops as the counter tops on the existing cabinets have the sinks in the corner of the counters, and not centered under my window:) I know the Lord will provide. Our contractor has blessed us beyond measure. He laid plywood in the utility room that was not even supposed to get done. He took out all the rotten particle wood for me, which I was thrilled about. But to have the plywood down…simply wonderful! I am praying the Lord will bless him beyond measure because of his kindness.

I cook tomorrow at Pine Summit…Roasted Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable Medley, Roll, Salad and a dessert. Yum. I’m hungry. I also have to make a diabetic cheesecake tomorrow for the staff to sample. Pine Summit’s Dessert Theater is coming up next week and I have to make the diabetic cheesecakes. Normally I am further ahead than this, but with all the events that have taken place, I’m behind. I haven’t even bought all my cheesecakes for the theater! I have to have 80 of them; I’ve only bought 9!

I have to unstack all the stuff I brought in from the camper and tent today so my husband will have a place to put the couch and love seat tomorrow. It is true you know, the Lord does provide. I was so bummed about our insurance companies not taking care of our “stuff.” It’s all worked out though. We need an entertainment center or shelves to put our videos and all my pictures out. That too will come.

On to the putting away, and IF I can stay awake, finish decorating our tree. I was up again for hours in the middle of the night…just not sleeping well.

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