So Appreciative….

Each child is in their own room tonight. Some friends of ours gave us their daughter’s bedroom suite, along with two beds with box springs and mattresses. Kayla got her bed set up last night. I, along with the help of my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, got Christopher and Kaitlyn’s room set up as well. Christopher and Kaitlyn are in their rooms, in their beds, and….do you hear that….silence. They are asleep! Hallelujah! Tonight, we sat down together, read our Bible stories, did prayers, and they were out. I couldn’t believe it. Only one time Christopher said he wanted to sleep in the living room with everyone. I told him God had given us their new beds, and that he would sleep in the bed. That was the end of it. I put our blow up mattress in mine and Chris’ room. For the first time in nearly five weeks, we will all be sleeping in our own rooms!

Our Pastor preached this morning on a repentant heart. The message spoke directly to my heart. I’ve questioned God, doubted God, and have been angry at God. I didn’t realize it until hearing the message, that I desperately needed to ask the Lord’s forgiveness, that I needed to repent for my doubting, for being angry, for even saying and thinking some of the things I’ve said and thought. I’m so grateful for Grace….Amazing Grace!

Kayla and Justin are watching a movie…Chris too…Princess Bride. It’s one of Chris’ favorite movies. Me, I could have gone a lifetime without watching it. Does nothing for me.

I’m going to take advantage of my children being asleep and go to bed early tonight. I’m just so grateful for friends and family that have done and helped us. While I truly believe the incidents that have occurred were used to save our marriage, I also believe it has allowed me to see just how many people care for us. We are truly blessed.

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