Hot Water Anyone?!

Seems like everything is breaking, bathroom sink has a leak, tub is clogged, kitchen pipes have a new leak, and now, the hot water heater seems to be shot. Chris replaced the elements and thermostats; the GoodCents people of Gulf Power came out, still no hot water. Very frustrating.

Been rainy and gloomy this afternoon. We so need the rain. Been watching football today. My college team lost…

Kayla got her room all cleaned and wiped down and got her bed set up. She has more clothes than anyone that has to be washed. I had no idea we had so much clothes! If the closet doors were closed and the dresser drawers were closed, then the clothes don’t have to be washed. Unfortunately, Kayla and Kaitlyn have no doors on their closets, and what isn’t in the closet is on their floor. Lots of work to do.

Much still to do, more later. Have a restful Saturday!

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