I am sitting here, watching a Veggie Tale movie with my kids; and knowing just how blessed I am. We are taking a break from decorating our Christmas Tree. We have no water again because the water heater is doing weird stuff. I’m wondering if the reason the electric bill has been so high is because the water heater hasn’t been working right and we didn’t know it. I don’t understand all the reasoning behind all the “stuff” that’s been going on, but what I realized, sitting here on the blow up mattress a friend let us borrow, is that there are thousands of boys and girls that probably won’t even get a Christmas tree this year, that for some, not having running hot water is the norm, and having a washer and drier is a dream. My kids are well fed, we are safe, we lack for nothing, and we have friends that care so much about us that if we did lack for something, they would take care of us. In the midst of the chaos, man my heart is OK. It hasn’t been OK for a few weeks. It’s like I can see all the battling around me, but I can also see for the first time that it is being held at bay. It’s cool.

Let me get back to the movie. The kids are climbing on me for attention. Man I’m blessed.

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