On The Wings Of Prayers….

I spoke with the contractor yesterday after the mold specialist suspected asbestos in the house. The contractor came out this morning. The flooring is not asbestos. Also, the sub-flooring was not destroyed or bothered by the water/mold. DeWayne, the contractor, is going to do his best to work in the ridiculously MINIMAL amount Lucie got from the insurance company. We will have mismatched vinyl, mismatched cabinets, and an unfinished laundry room floor, but we will be in the house. In fact, the contractor said once the A/C person gives the OK, we can be in tonight. (The A/C guy was running late, I’ll be cleaning the wood furniture and anything that is washable in a borax solution so we can sleep in the house on Wednesday night.

Chris took out the mattresses and couch today while I cooked. Lucie is washing curtains and sheets for me. A friend of mine is working on getting us some pillows. I think we are set on beds now.

Also, the insurance company called us back yesterday. Since Chris is in direct relation (Lucie’s son) to Lucie, they are adding he and I to the home owner’s insurance policy so Lucie’s original policy will not be canceled.

We sincerely appreciate your prayers for our family during these last few weeks. I know it is the prayers of many that has given us the strength to get through.

Chris and Stacey

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