The mold guy came out today and will have a crew in the house on Monday. Either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning the A/C mold people will be there cleaning out the ducts. We can start cleaning and get back in the house Tuesday! We won’t have a kitchen, but I have a great fire pit we’ve been using, a Coleman Stove and my toaster oven! Thanks for all of your concern and prayers. We will have to replace some furniture items according to the mold guy. We will have to replace the mattresses (1 king, 1 double, and 2 twins) a large majority of our regular furniture has to go (2 sofas, and some chairs) and anything made of particle board (both entertainment centers) – but, we get to be in the house, that is the blessing, all of the other stuff can be replaced. As we’ve found out, it’s hard to replace a home. Again, thanks for your prayers.