A Step In The Right Direction

Lucie finally heard back from the insurance company this morning. I have spoken with Dewayne (contractor) twice this morning. He has also spoken with the insurance agent. The insurance agent is sending out a mold specialist. He told Dewayne he hopes to have someone out here before tomorrow (Friday) to get an assessment of the situation and possibly begin taking out the mold areas before Thanksgiving (I’m not counting on this, simply relaying what we have been told). IF, the mold is removed and the house treated before Thanksgiving, we will be able to get in the house. The kitchen, of course, would not be functional, but we can deal with that. The contractor said he would do everything he can to get us functioning in the house within two to three weeks (before Christmas:)

Great things have happened these last few days between me and Chris while camping out. Truths were spoken that I don’t think would have been discussed if we hadn’t been in this situation.

I’m trying to figure a way to roast a turkey over a camp fire. I wasn’t going to cook at all this year, but have decided I can’t let satan steal my passion for cooking and feeding people. I realized I have given satan too much leverage by speaking too much negativity. Shame on me.

Just got a call from Lucie. A mold guy will be here at 9:30 tomorrow morning!

It’s CiCi Pizza night for Christopher’s school; so we will do our duty and order “white pizza” (Alfredo) for the kids. It’s their favorite.

More later.

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