Low’s Tonight, Upper 20’s/Lower 30’s.

Life has been busy. It’s hard work having to plan ahead for every meal, clothes, and even bed time is a chore with baths. There is no more quick and easy meals for us it seems. We seriously considered going to my mom’s tonight as it is supposed to be in the upper 20’s/low 30’s tonight. I’m still not sure what we are going to do. It’s very stressful packing up clothes, blankets, pillows, food and toys for just one night for a family of five. I think I’m going to throw blankets on the camper floor so the floor won’t be so cold. Chris is going to run another cord from the house for a 2nd space heater and I’m trying out the electric blanket today. I have no winter clothing at all. The girls and I went to Wal-Mart this morning and I got a sweat shirt and pants so I will be warm. We also had to get some gloves…2 pair for $1.50…good buy! Picked up more hot chocolate and breakfast foods too. Kayla is sick. Had to get her some medicines as well as some for the younger two. In such tight quarters, I’m sure it’s going to go around. (I was even supposed to clean a house this morning and had to cancel.)

When we got home, I noticed the awning on the camper was on top of the camper! Two of the metal poles were in the front yard and the others were scattered about. If our van had been in the driveway, the poles would have harpooned right through the windshield. (Good thing I needed some sweat pants!) The wind is blowing so hard Kayla and I couldn’t even roll the awning up. Chris had to come take care of it or we wouldn’t have been able to come in or out of the camper.

Much to do before getting Christopher and doctor appointments this afternoon. The camper is shaking from the wind….do these things flip?!

More later.


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