What Will Be Next?

In my mind I had set up how we would set up the pop up, a tent to put our clothing and food items in, and an outside patio table with chairs for us to have a place to eat at. I was ready! The table and chairs that were outside were given to me from my mom. When we pulled in the yard, I noticed the table had been tipped over. I had left the umbrella up, the wind literally picked the table up and pulled the umbrella out of the brick, tipping the table over. I prayed, please don’t let the glass top be broken, please. The closer I got I could see the shattered the pieces covering the grass. I lost it. I started yelling, “You’ve taken everything else, couldn’t you leave me a table to sit at with my family?! Just take everything why don’t you!” I just don’t get it.

Eddie and Lynette came and set up the camper. My mom and Kayla helped Chris put the tent up. We loaded the van and mom’s car. We plugged in the two space heaters (it was in the 30’s last night) and wham! The fuse blew. Chris tried flipping the switches, he checked int he house to see if it tripped the breaker in the house (yes, he wore a mask!), couldn’t find anything wrong. Eddie will be out this afternoon to look at it. We are at Memaw’s right now. She had coffee ready, let me use her oven for Cinnamon rolls and fixed ham steaks. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have power to the camper and I can cook over there. It was just too cold this morning to try it outside on the Coleman.

In the midst of it all, my husband did remind me that we have it better than some. We are together. I know he is right. I know hundreds or thousands across the United States slept under the interstate last night, we were protected from the wind on all four sides and had a space heater running from the house to the camper; I know thousands and thousands of people across the United States go to bed hungry every night, we went to bed with full tummy’s at least; we had the luxury of cramming in the van before going to bed to use Memaw’s “facilities” and not having to use a tree; and we also had a warm place to come this morning to all get showers. So, if I have so much more than some, why am I so ungrateful right now? I don’t know.

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