Hi, Ho, Hi Ho, It’s To The Zoo We Go!

Well, this is the last morning my children will be able to wake up their Grammy at 5 a.m. Yeap, for some reason my son has an automatic alarm clock in his body that just won’t let him sleep past 5/5:30. Crazy. If he would whisper and stay calm, it would be one thing, but my son likes to be loud.

We are taking the kids to the zoo today. We bought season passes with our income tax return this year. This is our third or fourth trip, so they have more than paid for themselves. It’s nice and cool this morning. My husband would say, “It’s cold, this is Florida. It’s not suppose to be cold in Florida.” It’s only in the upper 50’s right now. Perfect weather for camping! Ha-ha:)

I ran into Wal-Mart last night and bought the kids some of those fleece pajamas that zip up and have feet in them. They didn’t have that kind for Kayla, my 16 year old, but I did find her a set of fleece pajamas with Eyore on them! They are cute. The pop up camper has a small space heater in it, but once we are heading to bed, that thing will be turned off! Wal-Mart also had some rectangle clothes baskets on sale, I bought some of those so we would all have a basket with our clothes in them to put in a tent that will be set up for getting dressed in. I had to buy a $9 clothes rack to hang Chris’ work clothes on. The Bledsole’s (the people that are letting us use the pop up) have linens for the beds and pillows we can use. There is also some plastic plates and utensils in there we can use. There’s a skillet and pot as well. I have a Coleman stove I plan on using…. I just love camping, my kids have been wanting to go for a while also, so they are thrilled. I am struggling with the pride thing though. It’s one thing to go camping at the camp grounds, but in your own yard?! The one thing that keeps coming to my mind is the scripture that refers to Jesus not even having a rock to lie his head. Kind of makes everything OK.

Kayla has spent the week at a friends house on a farm. She’ll be home this afternoon. I needed her to not have to deal with the adult issues at hand. It has been quite an emotional few weeks, she needed some fun in her life.

I have had several people mention my book lately. I’ve done no writing with all the events that have taken place. I don’t know when I will have the book completed, but hope to get back to my writing once we get settled in the camper.

I will post pics of the zoo trip later, as well as of the camper and our little “set-up.” We’ll have to use the “facilities” at my mother-in-law’s and do laundry there or at my mom’s. I’ve roughed it before camping, but will not be building a latrine this go round!

The oven is preheated and the kids are ready for breakfast. I sure appreciate all the comments on my blog from Marybeth’s post. I treasure your prayers. I believe in the intercession of saints and I know the impact it has on ones life!! Thank you!

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