After nearly signing on the dotted line to move to Milton, changing Christopher’s school, and dropping out of the MEW meetings at Pine Summit, the Lord has provided a pop-up camper. It will be set up on Saturday. It will be tight quarters, but it will keep us on the property and with our pets (saving three and four trips a day to check on them, feed them and let them out), will keep Christopher in the same school and even allow him to start riding the bus again, will keep us from having to transfer utilities, will keep Chris close to work and us close to church, will allow us to keep Kayla in tutoring at Pine Summit, will allow me to stay involved with MEW on Thursday nights and Kayla can keep her job with the childcare, and it will give Lucie some “lot” rent. This is not an ideal situation, but when we write all the pros and cons out, the pros definitely outweigh the cons (as long as I don’t let my pride get in the way!). The insurance company has not returned our calls in three days. We still do not know if they are going to pay to make the repairs or even treat our furniture.
Thanks for all the prayers, phone calls and emails of rental listings. We appreciate each of you.