Milton House, Pine Summit MEW, Tutoring, Gas….?????

Haven’t posted in several days, just been swamped. My days consist of daily Internet search, daily paper reading, daily phone calls and driving all over from Pensacola to Milton trying to find us a place. At one time we were closed to moving to Pace or Milton because we didn’t want to change Christopher’s schooling; however, the only thing we can afford that is decent in Pensacola is a 2 bedroom trailer….(that will let us keep our pets); while we are willing to do that, if we can find a 3 bedroom in Pace or Milton (we have found one in Milton and walk through tomorrow) to make life a little better, we will do that. We are praying the Lord will meet the needs for transfer/new connection fees as well. The home owner’s of the house in Milton are willing to work with us on utilities until we can get them in our name. Another thing to consider, if we make the move to Milton, I’ll have to drop out of Thursday’s Most Excellent Way meetings at Pine Summit and Kayla would then have to quit working in the nursery on those Thursday nights (childcare for meetings). It’s too long of a drive and would kill us on gas. She would also have to quit tutoring because of the drive over there (she gets free tutoring at Pine Summit on Monday’s). If we have to make that move to Milton, we won’t be moving back into Lucie’s house…she’s not getting our rent money now, this affects her income to pay her rent. We still haven’t heard back from the insurance company. They were supposed to meet with us on Monday, never called until I called them and then was supposed to meet us Tuesday, never returned my phone calls or my mother-in-laws. We are are frustrated. I can’t make that move to Milton and change Christopher’s schools and then move him again when/IF the house is repaired. I feel like I am carrying not only my family’s burdens, but Lucie’s as I know she is struggling. There’s just so much to go through and ponder. It has been exhausting. I have been in bed before 9:00 almost every night because I can’t keep my eyes open.

We had a family gathering at LaHacienda for Chris’ birthday on Monday. I have pics of him wearing the sombrero and will attach them later. I haven’t even finished uploading them.

We would appreciate your continued prayers in making the right decisions. Please also pray for my mom. She’s been a trooper, but I know this is taking a toll on her. She’s dealing with screaming, obnoxious kids, an emotional teenager and an overwhelmed, emotional me. That’s enough to push anyone over the edge!

I’ll be cooking at Pine Summit today. Not sure how long before I post again, but will post when I know more.

More later.

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