Wasted Days And Wasted Nights…..

What a wasted day. I have been on the phone all day and I am exhausted. Every avenue leads to dismay and crumbling houses at outrageous rent prices. We just don’t know what to do. If we move to Pace or Milton then it affects my son’s schooling in specialty classes. He is not adjusting well to the changes and living situations as it is, do we change his entire school county? If we do that, do we then move back after (if) the house is repaired. It cost money to transfer utilities, even in the same county; changing to another county are different companies. I just don’t know what to do. There are so many decisions and so many more questions on top of those decisions that it is physically and mentally making me sick. I just don’t know what to do and am not hearing from God about it.

My care group leader from Sunday School had me and Chris and the kids over for dinner today. Oh it was a much needed break! I had a great time. What was even better was they had movie passes and they gave them to us! We got to go see Fireproof at the Ridge in Pace. We hadn’t had a date and/or a few hours just for us without kids hanging on us in a looong time. I am thankful for the afternoon of fun. My kids had a blast too. They had a piano and keyboard and played and played, well, banged and banged and danced and danced and sang and sang! All three of my kids love music.

I still have to add the pictures of the baby girl’s birthday party. I’m just so tired. This is all taking a toll on me. I haven’t been in church in weeks and am anxiously looking forward to being in Sunday School and church tomorrow. Maybe there I’ll sense the Lord’s presence and get some answers. As hard as I search for Him, the further He seems to be. A friend of mine gave me a bag full of feathers the other day. A cool thing happened. She had been walking and decided to cut through another area. She looked down and was surrounded by feathers. It was obvious there had been a bird fight. She said, God’s word to me is that “He is fighting for me.” I’m clinging to it. I’m clinging to it.

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