Kaitlyn Turns 3 and Moving….Again?!

My baby girl turned three today. She woke up with the hallway decorated with streamers and balloons and she loved it! She wore her princess crown most of the day and asked about her birthday cake all day long! She even helped me put the sprinkles and letters on. We had a great time at my mother-in-law’s tonght for her cake and icecream party. Lucie made homemade icecream…oh yum. Kaitlyn decided that she didn’t want to share her birthday cake and icecream though! She got so upset and started crying huge tears. It broke my heart, but was cute. Once she understood that she was going to get some too and that we are just sharing it, she seemed to be ok. Derek and Julie were there with Richmond. He’ll be one this month. It’s amazing how time has just flown by. It was a great day celebrating and seeing the excitement in Kaitlyn’s eyes. She got lots of cooking stuff from her Aunt Julie and Uncle Derek, oh and an apron with mits too, and princess dress up clothes from Memaw and a princess doll from us and money from the great-grandparents. There’s a great picture of her looking at the money as if she has never seen a bill before! It’s hillarious! I have about 50 pictures to upload, but I’m so tired right now I just can’t do it. I will post them tomorrow though so I hope you’ll check back. They are so good!

I think we are going to go with the house/apartment on Pine Forrest. I’m going back out at 10:00 to walk through it one more time and get the key. He needs to advertise it if we aren’t going to get it and I feel I can’t let it go since he is willing to not charge deposits. I’ll get it cleaned up real good and we’ll go from there.

I am meeting with Lucie and the insurance company on Monday to do a recorded claim. Hopefully the insurance company will reimburse us the extra money we are having to spend by renting this place? Maybe they’ll even reimburse us the transfer fees for utilities? We’ll just keep praying about that one!

We’ll plan on cleaning the apartment on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and moving over on Saturday. Won’t have too much since we can’t get our furniture out of the house yet. I sure hope we have made the right decision! I’m nervous. The yard is a mess and not clean for the kids to play in and we’ll have to put fancy on a chain to go potty since the yard isn’t fenced all the way around; we have a lot of work to do, but with the deposits waved, no pet deposits, and a rent reduced from $775 to $650, I think we better walk through this door and be grateful!

Will update more later. Me.

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