USAA/Habitat for Humanity/Kaitlyn’s Birthday

We heard from USAA today. Unfortunately, none of our “stuff” will be covered through our renter’s policy; however, Mike is going to have someone call me tomorrow to review our polices and see if we can make any changes that might cut some cost for us during the next few months, and that’s a good thing. As emotional as the days have been, I know the Lord is in control and He has a plan. I don’t know what that might be right now, but I know He does have a plan.

We were supposed to attend a meeting for Habitat for Humanity tonight. It was a crazy night though, Christopher was bouncing off the wall, we were late getting home, and we kind of want to see what Lucie’s home owner’s policy is going to do.

Tomorrow is Kaitlyn’s birthday. She will be 3 years old! Kayla made her a calendar to start counting down two weeks ago. I can tell you, she has net missed a night, until last night she fell asleep in the van when Chris was bringing me home from work! When she woke up this morning, it’s the first thing she asked about! She’s excited, and we are too. When Kayla gets home from working tonight we’ll decorate the hallway with streamers. We are having cake and ice cream at Lucie’s tomorrow night. Will attach pictures afterwards.

Hoping to get some rest/down time tomorrow. Looking for places to live is exhausting!


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