Be Compassionate

The last few days have been tough emotionally. I know the truth and I know the Lord is in control of all things. I’ve been having a tough time finding rest in that though. I worked yesterday cooking at Pine Summit. First day of “normal” I have had in 7 days. While cooking, my cell phone rang. It was USAA (our renter’s insurance). A gentleman named Mike Cox wanted to talk to me and get more information. He did a phone interview with me. While it looks like nothing will be covered, he gave me hope. He is going to be reviewing my policy and is going to see if there is anything USAA can do for us. Whew. I’m asking everyone to pray for Mike. Pray for clarity and wisdom while he is reviewing our policy. I know this is going to sound crazy, but him just taking the time to talk to me, to be compassionate and just listen, meant more than anything. Even if he calls me today and says, “I’m sorry Mrs. Paden, there’s nothing we can do.” I’d be OK, and for two reasons. One is, I know that no good thing will be withheld from me. If the Lord wants me to have it, nothing any one can do will stop it. But the other reason I would be OK is that Mike Cox took the time to call me, listen, to me and was just compassionate. Somehow, that just seems to make it all better.

We have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on today. Oh, we also have a possible month to month place to live. We’ll find out today. We didn’t want to make a move because we are still trying to recuperate from our last move financially. To transfer utilities and then in a few months transfer again, it’s going to kill us, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Oh, one more thing, we found out we might qualify for a house through Habitat for Humanity! I got an email yesterday after inquiring. We are going to a public meeting tonight to fill out an application.

Be compassionate to someone today and be blessed!

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