Survival Mode

Have really been in a survival mode this last week. We are still praying and looking for a camper to borrow/rent that can be put on the property until we know what the insurance company is going to do. We just can’t afford to keep moving and paying transfer fees. We are still trying to recuperate from our last move. You’d think staying with my mom would be cheaper, but with the gas going back and forth to take care of the pets, trying to set money aside to pay my mom for the above and beyond she would normally have in bills and keep paying our bills, it’s tough. What really makes it bad for my mom is that November is the month the water company reviews water usage in order to set sewage rates. With us here during this month, she will be billed a much higher rate than she normally has. We found a 1999 Windward (?) 30 foot camper for sale. She’s selling it for the cost of the repairs she is needing to make on her home, $5600. It’s in such great condition the plastic is still on the microwave. It just seems every avenue we take, we get turned around. We can’t get the financing for it. Mom is being a trooper with all the chaos. We are having to keep a watchful eye on Christopher and Duke. For some reason Duke has an eye on him.

Yesterday seemed to very emotional for me, Chris and Kayla. I guess it has just set in we are homeless. I hurt for my kids; I hurt for my husband. I just don’t understand. I just don’t understand.

Today is election day. I’ll be casting my vote for McCain/Palin. I’m also voting YES on keeping marriage between one man and one woman. This election has already made history in many ways; money spent for campaigning, early election turnout and then, of course, record numbers are expected for today.

Please continue to pray for my family. I’ll be contacting USAA today about our rental coverage. Every time I leave the house, I smell like mold. It’s in our clothes, it’s in our furniture, I can even smell it standing on the porch. This morning I rolled over and smelled it in the pillow I’ve been using at my mom’s. It’s frustrating.

Now, enough about all that, GO VOTE!

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