FEMA, Red Cross, 1st Call For Help

I woke up optimistic. I know the Lord has a plan, no doubt. If we, as a family have had to go through this to bring love and compassion back to me for my husband, then it’s worth it. I’ve found myself wanting to comfort and help my husband through this time of discouragement in ways I didn’t think I had in me. It really has been unexplainable. Two weeks ago I don’t think Chris and I liked each other very much; we loved each other, but were really struggling. It’s simply unexplainable…just God I guess.

I’ve been on the phone all morning. I started out calling FEMA. They referred me to The Red Cross. The Red Cross can’t help me because they help with the aiding of displaced people due to fire. Being forced out of our home due to a black mold condition is not considered an emergency, but a maintenance problem. They can not help us. They referred me to First Call for Help. They referred me to a Family Housing Shelter, HUD and Community Enterprise. HUD is a four to six month ordeal and meant for extreme poverty situations. We do not qualify. Community Enterprise hasn’t returned my call, but has no emergency housing since Ivan. HUD no longer has emergency housing since IVAN either. Right now, our option is a Family Shelter. Now, I’m OK with being broken and having my pride ripped apart, but if I have to choose between a public shelter and camping in a tent at camp grounds…we’re going camping! At least that way I can let my kids laugh and cry and scream and play and we can have some sort of privacy! We are checking around to see if any of our friends have campers we can rent for a few months, or for as long as this takes. Our poor pets are being affected by this as well. We are having to close of two different rooms and keep them in the infected house. It breaks my heart. The inspectors yesterday think the mold is in the outside brick as well as the structure and foundation. It’s going to be a long road.

Life goes on though…the malls have opened and my sister-in-law is paying for Kayla a pair of shoes for homecoming. My mom is helping with the under garments that go with that sort of thing. We all had doctor appointments yesterday. We all have infections and are being treated with antibiotics (except Kayla…she seems to be good to go). Nonetheless co-pays and medications are necessary in order for this to not get worse.

Be blessed and walk in Him today.

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