Mold Mandate’s Move

As I write this, my kids are on their way to my mother-in-law’s and we are having to pack. We have all been exposed to deadly black mold. The contractor stopped worked immediately. The mold is everywhere and it is worse than any of us could have imagined. I have to go buy the groceries for Pine Summit. They are having to prepare their own meal tonight. Please be praying for their schedule as due to the events of this morning, I am late getting the groceries to the church. The insurance company will have someone out in the next 24 hours. Unfortunately, because the leak occurred over a period of over one year and three different plumbers couldn’t find it, the insurance company will not be paying for the repairs of the home. They will not be paying for us to live in a hotel either. As of right now, we have no where to live. If the weather was not as cold we could stay in a tent (which we had discussed seriously). Please keep our family in your prayers during this trying time. We are waiting from our doctor’s offices regarding appointments to see if the reason we have all been sick, coughing and headaches is a result from the mold. Roger, I will not be able to lead tomorrow night’s meeting. If someone can get in touch with Gail (she’s in Marianna visiting family) I won’t be able to pick her up from Marianna to get her to Pensacola tomorrow. Please pray for her to find a way here. We will keep you posted. My husband has pictures on his blog of the mold if you are interested.

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