Kitchen Renovations

Well, it’s finally time. The contractor will be out tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. to take up the vinyl flooring and the bottom row of cabinets. The insurance adjuster is coming back out on Friday at 8:30 a.m to take more pictures and submit another claim in order to get more money for the repairs. How they came up with what they came up with I’ll never understand. They said we only needed two sheets of plywood to replace the floors in the kitchen and the utility room….that’s crazy! Anyway, I will be posting pictures of the take-out tomorrow. Our contractor will unfortunately not be able to get back here to repair the floors for two weeks, so we will be putting plastic over the swollen floors and walls where the cabinets are removed. I’ll have no kitchen for that two weeks plus the time it will take to make the repairs and hear back from the insurance company. I’ll be breaking out the Coleman Stove and using our grill more:)

On another note, Christopher is doing great on the Strattera! Most days he is calm and really good; of course, everyone, even “normal” people have bad days, but I am very pleased with this medication.

We started potty training Kaitlyn this week. I had tried before, but she just couldn’t ever seem to grasp hold of it. Kayla has been tag teaming with me. We’ve been setting the timer every 30 to 40 minutes and making her go sit, even if she says she doesn’t have to (by the way, every time we ask, she says she doesn’t have to:). Kaitlyn turns three on November 7th. I’d like her to be pull-up free by then.

Kayla is enjoying a more relaxed home school atmosphere. We are working through some of the GED study books along with a lot more research and report writing on her part. She’s doing good.

Will post pics tomorrow if I have time before leaving for work. I pick Gail up from Marianna on Thursday. She will be in town for several days.

More later.

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