Countdown To Christmas…60 Days!

I love the Christmas Holiday’s. It seems the retail stores are starting earlier and earlier every year. I used to walk in the stores and dread the decorations and get frustrated because it wasn’t even Halloween or Thanksgiving, but for some reason, that doesn’t seem to bother me anymore. I don’t like Halloween and struggle with letting my kids participate. Halloween is Kayla’s favorite, she loves the decorations, the movies, the costumes. Me, I just assume not even recognize it. I’ve been glued to QVC all morning. Usually I am chomping at the bits and worrying and fretting over gifts and shopping; and even with all the stress and concerns going on in our lives right now, buying gifts doesn’t seem to be priority for me. I do; however, look forward to decorating for Christmas! I love the decorations, the Nativity scenes, the candles, the baking. It’s simply a beautiful time of year, not only because of the decorating, but because we celebrate the Birth of my Savior, who came to live and die so that I could live. What a gift!

Have a great weekend.

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