The fair opens today in Pensacola. There are concerts nightly, fun rides, the smell of yum – yum food; did I mention fun rides?! Kayla and Justin will be going tomorrow night. There are two concerts they want to see and it’s also Midnight Madness. I’m probably more relaxed about them going early and staying later than Chris is because I LOVE the fair; Chris, well, let’s just say…NOT! We haven’t been in a few years, Lord willing we’ll make it next year! I’m attaching their website so you can get concert information, hours, and pricing. Enjoy!

Now, for the highlight of today’s post! MY SISTER IS HOME!! She looks soooo good! We met at Zaxby’s parking lot yesterday morning so I could see her for a moment and get a hug before heading to Pine Summit for cooking. Man she looks great! I was hoping to have my dad and extended family over Saturday for dinner, but my brother’s work schedule doesn’t permit, so my brother and his family will be here tonight for dinner and visiting. Michelle got to have 3D pictures and a 4D DVD made yesterday! I got see the pictures, but mom’s computer wouldn’t let her play the DVD. I told her if she doesn’t bring the DVD tonight then she doesn’t get to eat:) After I got through cooking at Pine Summit I dropped by to visit. I got to feel the baby kick! It was awesome! I know this is crazy, but with all the chaos, all the medical stuff, if we could afford another child, I’d have one in a heartbeat! For some reason, I just can’t get past that desire for wanting more children. I know…crazy.

I have a busy day today. Am attaching a few pics from the Zaxby’s parking lot:) The picture of Michelle with Kayla did not turn out, so will post more of them tonight or tomorrow after every one’s gone.
Be blessed…