First, a cool thing happened this morning. My devotional in the Journey was about treasures in clay pots! I love when the Lord gives me the hug I need. He just continued what He had started showing me yesterday.

My sister flies in today. She wasn’t due till tomorrow, but I am glad she is coming today! Her flight arrives while I am cooking….today is going to drag by. I can’t wait to get my hands on her! My sister and I are ten years apart. Michelle was two when I left home. On a brutally honest level, she and I never liked each other. I was jealous of her that she was always what I never could be, and for her, she never knew me and what she did know was that I was just trouble. When I first came back to Pensacola, not because I wanted to, but because I was homeless, I bullied my way in to my mom’s home. Oh boy…haven’t we come a long way! In ten short years, I’ve been here twelve, mine and my sister’s relationship has just blossomed. We don’t talk much, don’t see each other much, but my sister loves me now, and I love her. I realize I sure can’t make up for lost time, and don’t try to, but what I do try to do is grasp every minute I can and treasure it. I try to live my life with no regrets. When my time comes, my family will know that I love them, that I am grateful for their forgiveness over my past harm to them, but more than anything, they will know I love Jesus and that I give Him the credit for the change in my life. Now, enough of that mooshy mumbo jumbo that tears me up!

Yesterday I took the kitten to the vet. We didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl; however, my gut told me it was a boy. I am not right very often, though I like to think I am, but this time, I was right! We had a coupon for new shots or we would have had to wait. Anyway, Bandit was not himself at all yesterday. He likes to crawl up behind our roll top desk and get in the bottom drawer. It’s hilarious. When we can’t find him, Fancy can.

The pics didn’t turn out that great. The first one is the desk with the drawer pulled out where he likes to crawl into. The next one is him sitting in the open space, the third one, he is in the drawer with it in the desk and the fourth one, well it says it all:)

Yesterday, Chris and Kayla also worked on a school project that benefited me! My mom gave us a table with chairs and umbrella some time ago. Chris took the bricks we had on hand and made a section for the table to rest on. He used math, of course, to figure out how many bricks he would need to fill in a certain amount of space. He taught Kayla how to put math into action. It was cool. There next project is to make the space large enough to allow the chairs to sit. Kayla has to measure out how much space is needed and how many bricks will be needed to fill that space. It’s pretty cool.

Almost time to get the boy up…

Have a blessed day:)