What Do Pullin’ Weeds, Refined As Silver And Cracked Pots Have In Common?

Yesterday, Kayla (my oldest) and I had the opportunity to do something nice for somebody very special to us. I had wanted Kayla to sweep off the porch and pull weeds, but there were so many weeds she didn’t want to do that (Kayla does not like to get dirty!); however, once she got the porch swept and saw that it would look nice to pull, “Just a few” she realized that you can’t just “pull a few weeds” and make a difference. This turned in to three hours of pulling weeds. Kayla’s words to me were “pulling weeds is addictive!” I instantly thought of how the Lord is constantly pulling things out of our lives, that it’s not just one or two things and then we are left alone, but it’s a bunch of little things being weaned in and out of our lives to eventually get us to completion (which will not be on this earth I might add). When I think of things being weaned in and out I think of the silversmith, how he is constantly working the black yuck (I think it’s called dross?) out of the silver to finally bring forth this beautiful, shiny piece of silver; that’s how our walk with the Lord is…like having a bunch of weeds pulled, being refined as silver and gold…I think of a cracked pot…isn’t like the Lord to use someone who carries so much junk…He can use us! He wants to use us! So what does pulling weeds, refined as silver and cracked pots have in common? You, me…being willing. Hmmm, I can see another devotional in the works on this one!

We have appointments all morning and more home school books to pick up this afternoon.


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