Home School Evaluation

As I mentioned a few days ago, Kayla had her home school evaluation on Thursday. I would like to recommend Rita Little to anyone that is not only needing a child evaluated but also for a consultation to find out what is required of students being home schooled. It has completely changed my outlook on homeschooling. Friends of mine kept telling me I am making it too hard, but I just didn’t get it. I was making it all books, paper and pencil and no fun curriculum. Rita’s email is ritlit117@cox.net if you are interested.

We have completely taken Christopher off of Ritalin. We weaned him off in order to put him through withdrawals. We were hoping just the diet change would help Christopher; unfortunately, that is not so for him. I spoke with Christopher’s doctor in length about my concerns of the side affects he was having on the Ritalin and she understood why we took him off. I also mentioned to her about Attend. After a thorough and long discussion we are tyring him on Straterra. It also is not approved for Christopher’s age, so we are going to have to go through the process of approval all over again. At least Dr. Andrews is giving us samples for now though.

My husband is doing more and more things to surprise me all the time. When he opened the email about the kittens needing a home; he looked at me and said, “Go get that one.” Chris has never been a cat person, this totally shocked me. I saw the people that had the kittens on Wednesday at Pine Summit and asked about them. To say the least, the one Chris wanted was available and (it) came home. When I walked in carrying a box with it in there, he about jumped out of the chair and was grinning from ear to ear. It was adorable, like he was a little kid again. What’s even cuter is that when Chris walks in the room, the cat walks right up to him. It can be whining, he picks it up and it stops. Now, the last two nights, she has crawled up under his chin and slept. It is absolutely adorable. Fancy (our American Eskimo) just loves her too. She walks around licking it and playing with her. Baghera has finally come around too and plays with it.

Anybody that knows my husband knows he just does not smile very often. I had just taken a picture of him and said, “Can’t you smile just once?!” This was his response instantly! I just had to post it.
We are officially done with the animals, we are done with children…we are just done. I’m at my max in every area, mentally, physically and especially financially.

Time to head outside for the day. More later.

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