I knew today was going to be a busy day; but my goodness, I had no idea just how busy. My mother paid for me to get a hair cut for my birthday; today was the first day I had available. That was my first appointment today. Kayla’s home school evaluation had to be rescheduled for today; that was the second appointment. Christopher had his 4 year wellness check up today. Along with Christopher being seen today, Kaitlyn also had to be seen. Seems yesterday, she and Christopher were playing with some bricks that are stacked by the house. One of the bricks smashed her finger, cutting the nail through just above the quick. Not only did it bleed like crazy, it looks like it’s fractured. That was the third appointment, which unfortunately lasted for nearly three hours. During those three hours my kids were going nuts. What really topped it off was telling Christopher he was going to have to have shots today; four of them to be exact. Then when Kaitlyn found out that Dr. Andrews was going to have to look at her finger, meaning her “Dida” band aid had to come off; she about had a cow. Oh my goodness, the screaming. We finally got home in time for me and Kayla to walk in, say hi to Chris, kiss the kids bye, kiss Chris bye, and head out to The Most Excellent Way Meeting. We got home at 9:10 tonight. Man it has been a day! I’m glad I don’t have many days like this. I’ve turned into a “home body” in my old age:)

We are still waiting on the insurance company to come through before the kitchen renovations can start. This waiting game really bites.

Bob Solarski of WEAR3 was arrested this past week for DUI. I know it sounds silly, but my heart is aching for him and his family. I so want to contact the family and tell them about The Most Excellent Way meetings. During tonight’s meeting, one of the guys shared his testimony. He celebrated a year sobriety tonight. It was awesome! During his share time, I was reminded that God doesn’t measure our sin; He’s not walking around with a measuring stick trying to see whose sin is worse than the other. What He does do is open His arms wide, and says, “Come to me, ALL who are weary and heavy laden, I will give you rest.”

Jesus came for those of us who are sick…not the ones who are well.

Wow. Good meeting tonight.