Some friends of mine from Pine Summit have some kittens they are hoping to find homes to. If I am not mistaken, the kittens should be almost six weeks old. If you are interested in taking one of these little guys/gals home, you can email me at and I will forward your name and email to them. Aren’t they say cute?!

Kayla and I are cooking today. Pulled Pork is on the menu….YUM!
Christopher came home from school on Monday with three, yes THREE fund raiser’s from his school. I couldn’t believe it….he is selling cookie dough, scented candles that make you want the cookie dough and coupon books. YIKES! Talking about pressure! I found a couple more studies last night online. One natural medication that is being used for ADHD is something called “Attend.” The individual doing the researcher is not against Ritalin as he says it does work in a lot of instances; however, he did say that many children that are on Ritalin should have tried Attend first. Also, he breaks down the diet of a child who deals with ADD/ADHD. I was completely surprised to find that he says the number one item a child with ADHD should not have is dairy products…especially cow milk! Reading that and the symptoms that come along with an allergic reaction to dairy products fits the profile of Christopher from the last two days. Oh it’s amazing the controversial discussions out there. I hope and pray if you are dealing with these struggles that you will pray your way through it and have a support group. My comfort and rest is coming in knowing people are praying me through all this, that none of this has caught the Lord by surprise and that He is on my side!
Have a good one, and if you are interested in those precious kittens, let me hear from you!

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