We haven’t given Christopher his Ritalin since Friday. We were trying to see how he would do without it and with the diet changes. Last week, with the exception of Friday, he was only getting one dose a day instead of the 2 1/2 he is supposed to get. He had perfect days. I am looking at some sites for more information that could possibly explain what is happening, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday he did great; again,without any medication; however, today and yesterday, he has been bouncing off the walls! He is screaming and yelling and going 90 to nothin‘. After speaking with a nutritionist that told me that dairy does not affect children with ADHD, we decided to give Christopher some regular milk with his cereal this weekend. I find myself wondering, is it the milk causing this behavior or is it that the Ritalin just got out of his system….but I was told by the doctor Ritalin is out of the system within three to three and half hours after taking it, so could it really be affecting him today and yesterday after not having it since Friday? I have spoken with Christopher’s teacher. We are talking almost daily this week to monitor his behavior without the medication. Tonight, Christopher said, “Just give me my medicine.” Broke my heart. He couldn’t sit still at dinner, he was trying to talk but his mouth would work as fast as his brain was going, and he’s been in bed nearly an hour and is still in there playing and talking and singing in his bed. In my efforts to make him healthier, am I making things worse?
Just breaks my heart.
Have to keep looking for the answers to those questions.

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