I’m A Goob

Well, I got to the Civic Center around 1:40 today; had to park about four blocks away because it was beyond packed. I got half way up the lot and wanted to take pics of the crowd, the entourage of police officers sitting in their cars to avoid the rain and the umbrellas…boy the umbrellas everywhere…but when I went to take the pictures, the flap where my memory card goes in the camera was open, with nothing in it! I had left my memory card in the device to download my pictures taken over the weekend. So….you will get no pictures from me as I stated you would earlier. I did see a few friends there, and have asked them to send me their pics, so if they do, I will post.

Everyone that carried a purse had to have it searched. I had switched out purses in order to not carry my huge bulky bag I usually carry that has everything in it…literally everything…miniature screwdrivers, flashlights, you name it, I carry it…anyway, in switching out my purses I accidentally put in my pocket knife my husband had given me for Christmas one year. The police officer pulled it out and said, “I’m sorry, you cannot take this in with you.” With that, it was thrown in the trash can. Lesson learned.

Sarah Palin did a great job and the people loved her. The people I was standing in line with said there were much more people here for Palin than there was for McCain. I think, in my opinion, IF McCain is able to win (which I hope he does), it will be because of who he picked as his running mate. I think she brings the integrity that is needed to run this campaign…to run the country. I hope I’m not disappointed.

On our way to dinner at my mother-in-law’s for my birthday. My kids blessed me with cards this morning as did my husband. Kayla gave me her card on Saturday, as well as my gifts. She was too excited to wait till today…she’s precious. Got some great cards from my dad and grandparents, my mom too, not to mention several emails…it’s been nice. My dad and Great Uncle Sonny reminded me of the correct age…37. Thanks guys…nice to know who really is counting! Ha-ha!

I am blessed.

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