Kitchen Cabinets, Sarah Palin, Home School Evaluation…

I’m a little stressed…OK; a lot. Kayla had tutoring this morning. While she was there I went by Lowe’s on Fairfield to get some ideas on cabinets, counter tops and vinyl flooring. I had no idea I’d find what I wanted, at a great price; would meet a sales rep that was amazing in knowing the store and answering questions, and went as far as coming to my house to get measurements for the cabinets! If you are looking to redo your kitchen, go see Jim in the Cabinets. With all that said, from the time we got home from tutoring and errands, Jim was here measuring; I wanted Lucie here to see what was going on, since this is her house; the phone has rang a dozen times; the dog is going insane and Kaitlyn decides to show herself royally…and I just remembered I have to return another phone call before Christopher gets home…which is in about three minutes…YIKES!

Will post more later, but in case time does not permit; I have the opportunity to go see Sarah Palin tomorrow as she is in Pensacola! I’m thrilled. Kayla also has her home school evaluation tomorrow and a doctor appointment for her ADD evaluation. She hasn’t been on meds in two years, but is struggling so that it is time to re-evaluate.

More later.

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