I’ve mentioned several times how hard Chris has been working in the yard. This picture, as well as for the next few, were taken Friday night. He was working in the yard from the time he got home until dark. You can see Chris raking up the pile of debris the kids and I have thrown over the fence carelessly. On this side of the fence are several large tree root balls. Chris has dug up about a dozen trees that were either dead or needed to be moved. I wish I had a before picture of what all he has done. The next couple are of the kids playing. Christopher was trudging his way through the grass and Kaitlyn, well, you can tell…she absolutely loves the dirt! She is covered in the dust of dirt. It has been so dry here in Pensacola that our driveway, which is dirt, is mere dust. Even watering it hasn’t helped; it’s like the water evaporates before it even hits the ground.

“Go Christopher, Go!”

“I pledge allegiance, to the flag….”

“Look at me Mommy!”

They really do love each other:)


Kaitlyn finally ate some veggies today!


“Can I have a cookie now?!”

We gave Baghera her first bath…will probably be her last bath! Actually, she had a bath at the vets before we picked her up. She really did do good. She has some monstrous claws and she could have done a lot of damage, but she didn’t.

“Help me….”

“Now this is the life!”

As I am uploading these pictures and typing, all three kids are at the kitchen table. They are coloring on some Velvet Art stuff their Grammy got them. Kayla loves Velvet Art, so having all three doing it is fun. Christopher is in the their singing. Christopher has never been one to sing. I don’t know if it is all the changes in his diet or what it is, but hearing him sing, it’s a good thing.
We’ve started packing up the kitchen in anticipation of the insurance company coming through and the demolition of our kitchen getting started in the next week. I will be attaching pictures of before, during and, of course, after as time goes by. We should only be out of the kitchen for about two or three weeks.
Don’t want to miss out on all the fun the kids are having in the kitchen.
More to come…..later:)