My blog has nothing to do with the title or the debate; I just loved that line and had to use it!

Now, on to matters at hand. I just want to share a few words of PRAISE and share what I have learned this week. If I repeat stuff and seem out of there, I have a really bad cold, but just have to share what I’ve learned and about Christopher’s behavior for the week.

First, something I have learned this week that is very important for anyone struggling with a child that has ADHD/OCD or any other behavioral issue with a child is to know that just because one thing works for one child, does not mean that it is going to work for another. I’ve spoken with many, many people in the last few weeks, whether by email or phone or in person. What I’ve learned is that many people have lots opinions about this subject. While opinions are great for what has worked in THEIR particular situations, remember, it is an opinion for what worked in THEIR particular situation. It is great to listen to that, get as much information as you can, but be open to what works for your child. Just because something works for one, does not mean there is something wrong with your child!

Another really cool thing I learned this week is that “boys will be boys!” God made boys to climb trees, dig in the dirt, throw rocks, hunt, fish and just get dirty. Boys are to grow up to be men, the leaders of their homes. I never understood that saying until last night. I’m reading lots of articles, have lots of books on order. One of them I am ordering is a book called, “Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys” written by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson.

Another thing I’ve learned and this is so cool too. Did you know that gifted children are many times misdiagnosed as being ADD/ADHD? The characteristics of a gifted child are almost identical to that of a child with ADD/ADHD.

I wish I had really, really studied and learned more information before giving in to the medication route. If you are struggling with this too and you would like to see some of the links and web sites I have been reading from, then I’ll be glad to share that with you. But here is the kicker, get a group of people to pray for you and for your child. I would not have gotten here (not that I’ve arrived, just sharing what I’ve learned) if not for the prayers and support of my friends and family and the many, many prayers sent to heaven on our behalf. If you don’t have a prayer support group of friends that you can trust, pray for that! BUT, it takes your voice speaking up saying you have a need. That takes courage.

We have begun weaning Christopher off of his medications. Some of you will squirm at this, some will be thrilled. Another thing I’ve learned is that with treating a child with medications, most people go from one end of the spectrum to the other, there are very few in the middle. Regardless of where you are in this issue, what I can tell you is in the process of adding vegetables to Christopher’s diet, changing out his juice (we now give him only V8 Fusion), adding fruits to his diet, taking out all red dye, all dairy and almost all white sugar, we have seen a drastic change in his behavior! (Hallelujah!)

Now, let me state this, after speaking to several dietitians and health specialists, most of them agreed that dairy products have no affect on children with ADHD. We had already taken Christopher off of dairy before we found that out. That’s one of the reason’s I say, “what works for one child does not necessarily work for another.” Another thing, unless a person has an intestinal issue and can’t eat gluten (found in wheat/bread products), there is no reason to take him/her off of that either. Contact specialists in this field, and while they might not all agree on issues, they can give you direct facts.

We have also added Christopher on a vitamin. This is not just any vitamin. He is now taking Juice Plus+ gummies. He cringes with the green one (vegetables) and enjoys the red one (fruits), but he chews them both. He is only four years old, but I’ve been very honest with him. I explained to him, if he eats his fruits and vegetables and takes his vitamins, it will help him in getting off his medications. He is quick to eat them. He understands, at only age four. Now, if we see a drastic break down in Christopher’s behavior and see that he still needs the medications along with the changes we have made in his diet, we will continue the medications! The medication works; unfortunately it does have side affects.

I have much more to share about all this, but I have to go. We are just thrilled with Christopher’s response to all this. I thank you, thank you, thank you for all your many prayers and for all the information that has been shared with me. I have researched every link and ready many articles. Please continue to send information my way and continue praying.

Blessings to you.

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