ABCNEWS/’Fireproof’ Shows Christian Movies Sell

I’ve attached an article written on about FIREPROOF. I have also attached the link for you to finish reading the article. I would also like for you to read the comments written. Many are horrible and hateful, many are kind and encouraging. Please, leave your comment. Share your God given right to speak your voice as a Christian American!

‘Fireproof’ Shows Christian Movies Sell

Film Starring Kirk Cameron Opened at No. 4 With $6.8M in Ticket Sales


You can almost picture the Hollywood studio execs scratching their heads.

Kirk Cameron stars in “Fireproof,” a new film by the Kendricks brothers whose proceeds for the film go to their church.(Courtesy Samuel Goldwyn Films)

A film that was made for $500,000, relied more on word of mouth than television and print ads, and is headlined by an actor best known for a 1980s television show, opens at No. 4 in the country and rakes in $6.8 million in ticket sales.

“Where did this come from? We didn’t see this on the radar,” actor Kirk Cameron imagined the execs saying. “What is ‘Fireproof?'”

After this week, few will be left wondering. The Christian-themed film, which stars Cameron as a firefighter whose marriage is on the rocks, is the latest aimed at the 80-million strong evangelical audience. And, like the instant popularity of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, it’s a sign that the strength of the evangelical community has not waned.

“We just smiled,” Cameron, the former “Growing Pains” star, told, referring to himself and the filmmakers. “We knew that no one would expect it to do well.”

The film exceeded even the filmmakers’ expectations. They were hoping to make $3 million or $4 million and crack the top 10 when the film opened last weekend. Instead, they topped the Coen Brothers’ “Burn After Reading,” with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, in its third week, and Spike Lee’s “Miracle at St. Anna,” which made only $3.5 million in its opening weekend.

Even more impressive, “Fireproof” opened on only 839 screens,……….

My comment, is this. Why is it so acceptable for America to allow hatred, sex, violence and foul language to rule our media, but when a decent, uplifting, outright “good” movie comes out that a family can sit down and watch together, then it’s wrong, it’s criticized and bullied?! This is America and the First Amendment gives ALL Americans Freedom of Speech; that means ALL Americans, including Christians! As Christian Americans we are shunned and ridiculed because we speak the truth and then we hush our mouths. What’s wrong with us? We have the same God given right to speak our voices (WHICH SHOULD BE IN DONE IN LOVE, NOT STANDING ON STREET CORNERS SCARING PEOPLE TO DEATH!) and share the Gospel of Christ. I applaud the makers of this movie, I applaud the actor’s of this movie. Make more of them!

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