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I’m about to really show my ignorance here, but, I guess that’s OK. My husband has a 401K through his employer. It’s dwindled due to the recent events; but honestly, I have no clue how the stock market works, we don’t live a life based on the stock market nor with credit cards. We live within our means. That’s a great feeling, even if it means driving one vehicle and not having what every body else has.

We’ve had a busy morning. Kayla was sick Monday and Tuesday so she had to get started early to make up work and try getting back on track. We had a person out this morning to look at the kitchen and utility room. Looks like he will probably be doing the work for us for getting rid of the water damaged flooring, walls, cabinets, baseboards and yes, the mold! Hopefully we won’t be out of the kitchen that long.

Sarah Palin is coming to Pensacola on Tuesday, October 7th (which just happens to be my birthday:) I would tell you how old I’ll be, but I can’t remember. I’ll either be 36 or 37, or maybe it’s 38. I can’t remember and my brain is too tired to do the math. Anyway, I would love to be able to go see her. Might see what I can do about that.

All eyes will be on the Vice Presidential debate tonight. I have a Most Excellent Way meeting, but plan on catching as much of it as I can.

Break time is just about over and time to get back to schoolwork.

More later.

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  1. We live within our means too. One car. Don’t use credit cards anymore. Etc. I think if more people would do this the country would be in a better state. Greed and materialism are killing us.

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