The Mosaic

My mother-in-law reads The Mosaic. It is a devotional for or by missionaries. I’m not familiar with it as I read Journey devotionals. This morning Kaitlyn and I walked down to Lucie’s so I could borrow some Cream of Chicken Soup to make Chicken Soup for a sick teenager. She had clipped out Friday morning’s devotional for me.

This is what it reads:

Passage: John 10: 27 – 31
Focus: John 10:29

“My father is stronger than your father!”

“No, MY father is stronger than your father!”

“How strong IS your father?”

“He’s so strong that no one can ever take me away from Him. The wrestling champion of the world can’t beat my Father. The greatest army cannot tear me from my Father’s tender grasp.”

“Wow! Your Father is strong!”

“Yes, my Father is so strong that even when I curl up my fists and shake them at Him and tell Him to leave me alone, He just keeps on holding me until I am over my fit of sin and doubt. The devil and all his demons are helpless against His power. My Father is so strong that when I die, He won’t let death take me away from Him, but will pick up death and use it to pave the road that leads into His complete presence.”

With that kind of Father, you don’t ever have to be afraid!

It’s strange how the Lord knows just what we need, and when we need it. I’m grateful for the firm grasp He has on me, even this very moment:)

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