I stayed home this morning. Been listening and watching the Pastor online (http://www.oliveonline.org/worship). Just weary today and needed to rest. Kayla went with Chris. Christopher and Kaitlyn stayed home. We live on a quiet cul-de-sac. It’s nice to be able to let the kids ride their trikes and play safely without the fear of cars flying by.

This is a picture of our house from the front fence. The “stuff” on the front right side of the house is part of Christopher’s contraptions. He is so smart. He dumps out his toys and buckets and just builds and digs. Both the younger two love the dirt. I love that they love the dirt. It’s a good thing.

We’ve been weaning Christopher and Kaitlyn off red-dye products and dairy products. Can’t do everything at one time, but these two are the first of many changes to come to our family. Its been good. It’s been challenging, but its been good. I appreciate all the responses to my prayer requests and the information being provided to me. I’ve already begun the research on many sites given and contacted several people that have information for me to look at and consider. I have much more work to do before the end of the 30 days of prayer.

Have a restful Sunday.