Last year around Halloween I got two scarecrow craft items from Joann’s (I love that store!) for Christopher and Kaitlyn to do. We didn’t get them done last year before the fall holiday’s, but we did get them done this year. I, of course, had to do the hot glue, but both kids helped with holding the pieces and even had their own ideas on where to put the accessories. They did good. After bath, took pictures of their finished products.

If you look closely, you will see Kaitlyn has scratches over her left eye. She took Fancy’s tennis ball from her, and instead of throwing it so Fancy could fetch and return it, she started running so Fancy would chase her. Fancy was playing just as Kaitlyn was, unfortunately, Kaitlyn got hurt. Fancy used Kaitlyn’s little body as a bounce tool to rebound and get the ball….ouch. I had just taken a picture seconds before the accident. Attaching a picture of that and the eye.

Kayla’s on her normal Saturday night date with Justin. It’s quiet on the home front as the kids are in bed. Even with what’s going on with the house, I like being here. It’s home. It’s quiet. It’s nice.